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Psychoselling 2022 – Bruce King Del 3

Psychoselling 2022. Bruce King är en av Europas mest erkända säljcoacher, föreläsare och bästsäljande affärsförfattare. Tillsammans med Max Söderpalm, Sveriges bästa coach inom försäljning, har han turnerat dom senaste 10 åren som Masters of Sales. Här i Del 3 får du fler konkreta tips på temat Psycho-Selling 2022. (Del 1 hittar du här. Del 2 här)

Detta för att höja temperaturen inför att Masters of Sales är tillbaka med en digital webinarserie under våren, där första delen handlar om just hur du kan lyckas genom att använda Psycho-Selling. 

Want to smash your goals this year? Then you really need to know your WHY!

We all know why goal setting is so important and it’s likely you have set some for 2022. But unless you are totally clear WHY you want to achieve those goals, at the deepest levels of your consciousness, it’s most unlikely you will achieve them.

Here’s a Psycho-Selling exercise to help you sell yourself on success. It will help get your WHY deeply set into your conscious and unconscious mind and increase the likelihood of you achieving your goals very many times over.

It will take some time to carry this out, but trust me, it is going to be so worthwhile.

Taking just one of your goals at a time:

Take a pen and paper (typing is not as effective) and ask yourself:

WHY DO I WANT TO ACHIEVE THIS GOAL? and write down your answer.

When you have done that, ask yourself AND WHY DO I WANT THIS? ‘This’ being the answer to your first question. And write the answer down.

When you have done that, ask yourself AND WHY DO I WANT THIS? ‘This’ being the answer to your second question. And write the answer down.And keep repeating this as often as you need until you are totally clear why you want to achieve this goal.

Yes, it’s time consuming and sometimes frustrating. But it’s the subsequent answers that will go deeper and give you greater motivation and commitment.

When you have your final and real WHY, you will be in a much better frame of mind to achieve that goal. 

Having completed this exercise, you might realise that the goal you first set is not what you really wanted, and you may decide to set a new one. That’s OK. Just repeat the exercise over again with that new one.

And when you join us in The Psycho-Selling 2022 Webinar – you’ll learn more ways to smash your goals.

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